The CompAIR� Elite is the nebuliser for all occasions, at home, in the office or away on holiday. It is small, lightweight and portable, which gives you the ability to effectively manage and treat your condition anywhere, anytime. It is powered by an efficient and reliable piston-pump compressor. This compressor nebuliser set features easy to grip air plugs on both ends of the tubing. Other types of tubing can be slippery and hard to fasten to the compressor. Not with this tubing! The easily gripped ends allow you to attach both tails of the tubing to the necessary spots, hassle free. Small, compact, and lightweight piston pump compressor designed for convenience and durability Truly portable V.V.T. nebulizer technology Air tube features easy to grip air plugs for all patient populations Includes carrying case with accessory compartment for convenient portability "Ready to go" system for quick patient set-up Warranty All models carry a warranty of 3 Year from date of purchase. The warranty applies to the unit only. The warranty does not apply to any of the accessories. Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from: 1. Malicious Damage 2. Battery Leakage 3. Accidental Dropping 4. Water Damage



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