airways such as asthma in children and babies. Its child friendly design and silent operation make it ideal for use with your kids who may get scared of big and loud nebulizers. The AME CN01WC comes equipped with a 2m tube which is extremely useful incase you want to keep the nebulizer away from the child and only work with the chamber and mask. The nebulizer produces low sound when kept on stable platform and is not covered from any sides. It is recommended to nebulize the children when they are sleeping so that they can inhale the medicine passively. Round Medicine Chamber included to allow every drop of medicine to be consumed by patient. Product Details: AME Compressor Nebulizer CN01WC Continuous Use Technology - Ideal for big families or clinics Tested for 100 hours without stopping Low Sound 2 meters away from nebulizer (less than 60 dB of sound) Average particle size is 4?m Home or Travel Use Portable, Compact Design with compartment for easy storage. Lightweight: 1.8kg. 2-Year Warranty Order Includes: Compressor Nebulizer Medicine Chamber, Tubing, Adult Mask Kit, Child Mask Kit, High Efficiency Angled Mouthpiece, and Filters Instruction Manual Arabic and English



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